What Is Time: Who Created The Work Week

It seems extremely unfair that most of us either work 5 days a week and get only 2 days “off” or we work only 3 or 4 days but all day long where there’s still time for little else. It’s crazy because opting out isn’t too much of an option so we feel pressured to play along. There’s an extra layer of what the fuck when you think about how time is an illusion all together. So somebody please, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ?!

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QOTD: What Is Time ?

Before we talk about the work week, wtf is time anyway, first of all ? We define time as, “the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future.” Generally speaking, it’s kept track of by two different tools: the calendar and the clock. Time got so important when the Industrial Revolution happened and trains started booming in the UK. They needed a good way to make sure the trains stopped crashing into each other and killing everyone in the process. It was sort of a big deal. From there, people had to really keep track so that they didn’t miss their train. Soon everything started revolving around it.

Man What Work Week ?!

So there isn’t one single event that created a solid, legal 40 hour work week but a compilation of events, some of them dangerous. Word on the street is that it all started with Ford Motor Company. At some point, people were working 50+ hours but they brought it down to 48 hours, then later, 40. It was unions rallying against harsh conditions during the overworking that made them create this being a 5 day span, instead of to 6 or 7. This all took place between like 1910 and 1940.

Let’s Talk Time And Work

The fact that we were originally hoarded into gross, poorly vented buildings 7 days a week, all week with no benefits was WILD ! It tells me that the corporation(s) who started this never cared about humanity. The plan all along was to take dispensable people and turn them into robotic work horses so that they can become millionaires. For so long women and black people weren’t even allowed to work in conditions this awful either (theirs was often worst and for less or no pay or they were domestic). So it has nothing to do with race or gender and just everything to do with greed.

Quote That

“Remember that time is money”

Benjamin Franklin

He said this in an essay called Advice To A Young Tradesmen. “The saying is intended to convey the monetary cost of laziness, by pointing out that when one is paid for the amount of time one spends working, minimizing wasted time also minimizes the amount of money that is lost to less frivolous pursuits.” It essentially was a sort of propaganda meant to bully people into wanting to work and being happy about it.

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