Season 2

Hi friends ! We have officially, completely wrapped our very first season of Just Shut Up, periodt. the podcast. We got a lot of amazing feedback and we’re so grateful to have gotten a little following going too ! Let’s gon head and talk about a few thangs okkkkuuurrrtttt.

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QOTD: Season 2

The first thing we do is present a question to you. The question is usually pulled from our Instagram. We definitely want you to answer them. Y’all don’t have to wait until the episode airs to talk about it. We genuinely care what you all think and what we can do to bring solutions to problems we all face. So let’s talk about it in the comments. It’s what sets the tone for the other segments.

Man What ?

So for season two we’re going to try to be a little more organized. The ‘Man What ?!’ section is for YOUR crazy stories. About whatever topic we’ll be covering. So we”ll first blog about the topic, then we’ll post on social media about them. Whenever you comment on either, there’s a chance that you’ll be featured on the show. You also have the opportunity through the Anchor app to send us a voice recording telling your story that we can splice right into the episode. If we’re talking about something you deem super sensitive so you want to be included anonymously, all you have to do is either DM or email us ! We WANT to hear from you. Your story deserves to be heard !

Just Shut Up

Right after the Man What submission we’ll go ahead and get into our opinions and shenanigans. If you know us personally, it’s a lot like eavesdropping on one of our personal conversations. The only real difference is we’re trying to keep out the names of people involved (unless given permission) because we want to honor their privacy. So bear with us through our excited think piece and have a snackysnack ready.

Quote That

We end each episode with an inspiring quote. Sometimes it’s fake inspo but nonetheless, it’s something you should hear unless you shouldn’t.

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