Hate: Misogyny, Misandry and Misanthropy

Hate is a strong word. But if you’ve been a human for all of your life then you may have realized how much people really suck. Not talking about day to day day interactions with rude, inconsiderate strangers. More like the humans who are literally the worst. The ones who make you feel like the day robots take over the world cannot come soon enough.

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Did That Sentiment Resonate With You ?

Can you also not wait for robots to take over ?! If you answer yes to this question, then you are more than likely misanthropic. Meaning you hate the existence of humans. Not that you just dislike them, you HATE them. Don’t get me wrong, I too think people are the worst. At the same time, I recognize that I am a person and sometimes crave human interaction.

Misandry… Yes! Please!

While I could not identify as a misanthrope, misandry speaks to my spirit. I do believe that men are trash. Now will I go on to meet, fall in love and marry a man ? Possibly. But my sentiment will never change. This world that we live in is dominated by males, white males to be exact. So as a black woman, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold compassion for male counterparts when they are wronged. In my eyes they deserve it. I’m sure in some way, shape, or form that man did something harmful to another person and karma is coming to collect. With that being said, I’d like to re-introduce myself. “Hello, My Name is Miriam and I am a misandrist”.

Misandry Vs Misogyny

Misandry is not as commonly recognized as misogyny. I think this due to the fact the misandry doesn’t have the same systemic or systematic impact as misogyny. However, it exists all the same. To be fair I have yet to come across a man that was not a misogynist. Even unintentional misogyny runs rampant. Women often uphold misogynistic ideologies too. Ever heard of the term “pick me” ? It is a name for women that openly defend misogynistic behavior or ideas. A ‘pick me’ is woman seeking male approval no matter the cost.

More On Hate For Men

Misogyny is the hatred of women. It is deeply ingrained in our culture. It perpetuates the idea that women are inferior and should be subservient, reinforces the notions behind rape culture that women are asking for it, and it dictates the way women respond to men in certain situations due to fear. Hate for women drives a man to lash out in the face of rejection. Misogyny is the driving force behind slut shaming and victim blaming. It’s the reason “women ask for it” is a widely held belief. Misogyny is the idea that women should rear the children and be in the kitchen, not the office or anywhere else. It’s the reason women make significantly less than male counterparts for the same jobs and once they have children the earning potential decreases.

Hate It All

When I make a statement saying “men are trash” or “I am a misandrist”, it doesn’t hold the same weight as when a man calls me a “stupid bitch” after refusing a number. And a “gold digging slut” for enjoying sex and wanting to be financially secure. It’s based on the direct actions of not only men I’ve experienced but men all over the media.

What do you all think ? How do you feel about misogyny, misandry and misanthropy ? And what aided you on forming your opinion ? Leave a comment below !

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