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Just Shut Up, periodt. is the bestest podcast on earth hosted by two college educated, Black chicks who also psychics from the future and best ass friends… nah we just playin’ lmao.

But anyway, we give a voice to the most marginalized groups of people in our area in order to inspire social and policy change through awareness. That’s lowkey a mouthful. Basically, we’re touching on all aspects of life from the Black Woman’s point of view.

We launch February 14, 2021

Yanno, just in time for Valentine’s Day ! Follow our blog to discuss podcast topics with us. Say something extra spicy and we’ll read it and discuss it on air ! You can listen to our podcast on Anchor or wherever else you listen, including below !

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We’re Not All Spouses and Parents Just Shut Up Periodt

This episode we talk about people’s strange obsession with trying to coax people into having children. We also touch on why people seem to believe being alone is the ultimate punishment.  Check out the blog we wrote about it too ! Justshutupperiodt.com If you're enjoying the show and want us to keep making episodes forever and ever, consider supports us on Patreon for as little as $5 a month <3
  1. We’re Not All Spouses and Parents
  2. Victim Blaming: Dressed How You Want To Be Addressed ?!
  3. The Great Chicken Dilemma of Dayton: Special Episode
  4. What About Your Friends?
  5. Farewell! Until We Meet Again!

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